Products… Love? or Hate?

20170724_163823Beauty is pain…

We’ve all heard it. As women, we are used to a certain amount of pain in our quest to look our best. We can handle twee-zing, waxing, sand paper like exfoliation. We soak in mud, have hot rocks placed on our bodies, in some cases we even have needles tapped into our skin. But this peel off mask is a new form of self-torture the likes of which I must say, Never Again!

I’ve been hearing a lot about charcoal masks, short on funds I decided to pick up one from Walmart. Instead of purchasing the $28 one I had planned from Mary Kay. I did no research beforehand and picked based off which one had simple instructions anyone could follow. I also chose one easily accessible for all locations and financial constraints. These factors weighted, I chose Shills Natural Science Black Mask.

To start off first impression it is very thick. And smells like temper paint while not a terrible smell, it is not pleasant either.  You apply it avoiding hair, eyes and eye brows. After applying it you must wait 20- 30 minutes. Then you just peel it off. The instructions sound simple enough, right?

Umm… there is no peeling THIS is a ripping action because it is way more painful to peel slowly. Let me just state this mask is literally pulling skin off your face I make no promises that all the skin is dead. It’s supposed to remove only dead skin and dirt from pores but this thing was like the blob had a death grip on my face. Just saying.  It hurt! I have had 3 children, one thru c-section. I’d have another child before using this product again. I had to take breaks, it took five minutes to fully remove and to be honest I washed off my forehead unable to continue the peel. I was left red faced. My nose still hurts and feels RAW. I’ve posted some photos on Frazzled Mom’s Diary Instagram.

I think it is fair to say this product was a EPIC FAIL!!!

Stay tuned still gonna try the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask!

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